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creative - jonathan tester

composer commissions - sarah liversedge

licensing - Nicholas Watson

DJ Hal



With over ten years releasing music and djing across the Globe, DJ Hal has played to crowds of 10,000 plus, beaches filled with movie stars and some of the best clubs the World has to offer. Hal gets his name from the malfunctioning genius super computer in Stanley Kubric’s movie “2001 A Space Odyssey”, a nickname he picked up after blowing the minds of his long time compatriots Hardkiss.

What started as a hobby grew into a successful career, once his eclectic taste and pure talent were discovered in the late 90's. He soon teamed up with tech house maestro "Tony Thomas" and formed the tribal house dream team "Red Moon", who hit the heights in 2002 with the release of their hugely acclaimed album "Lucky" leading to remixes for Loaded, EMI, Subliminal and many more.

However it wasn't until a chance meeting with Carl Cox in 2003 that Hal became a household name on the UK and American dance music scenes. With his first single on Carl's INTEC label "Back To Gravity" going straight to number one in the World techno chart, he was whisked across Europe on the Carl Cox road show for three years, playing alongside some of the greats of modern house and techno.

Hal has had several buzz chart entries and was also nominated for best Breakbeat Record of 2006, a collaboration with Houston's B Boy, Joe B called "Follow Me".