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Kai WhistonLuxRealease date: 23rd Nov
Brightening In The West
The FernwehBrightening In The WestRealease date: 30th Nov
Erol AlkanSpectrumRealease date: 09th Nov
NIGHT FLIGHTMedicineRealease date: 07th Dec

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PengPeng was formed in 1999 by Andy Compton from the Rurals. The idea was to use the label exclusively for The Rurals’ releases but Peng soon gained cult status
ZirenzZirenz are a female Electronic Dance music & Classical crossover production duo from Wales. Bex Hazard is a Classical & Contemporary trained awarded several
Fly Records
Fly RecordsFly Records was established in October 1970 by independent music publisher David Platz and today is managed by David’s son, Simon Platz. Early hits
SoundslikeSoundslike is the publishing arm of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records. As well as controlling the publishing for Herbert's vast back catalogue it also looks
Pickout Records
Pickout RecordsPickout Records is a reggae music label founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 1987 by record producer Lloyd Dennis. The Pickout catalogue spans three decades of
Sonic Symphony
Sonic SymphonySONIC SYMPHONY is a Los Angeles based music production house that specializes in writing original music and sound design for high-end motion picture,
Cloud 9
Cloud 9Cloud 9 Music opened its doors on 1 December 2004, and has since become one of the leading music companies in the world representing a wide range of authors
DamnablyDamnably is based in East London and began as a gig promoter in 2006, founded by George Gargan. Damnably Records was established in 2009 when George booked