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Men From Earth

Men From Earth


Tom Beasley
Scott Bird
Robert Patey-Downes
Luke Wright

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The four-piece group draws on a diverse heritage of global music, spanning Celtic roots, bluegrass, mountain music, Middle Eastern, Americana and rock n’ roll. Men From Earth have garnered comparisons to The Ozark Mountain Daredevils and The Eagles but perhaps the most apt comparison of their kaleidoscopic musicality would be Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks Amphitheater with a side order of Crosby, Stills and Nash garnished with The Band.

Men From Earth’s songs exhibit an intriguing duality. On one hand, they feel lived-in and as ancient as mother earth herself, and on the other hand, they feel euphoric and full of vigor. Whether writing about carnage and mayhem (“Wayward Son”), depression (“Shine”), or a Koori/indigenous perspective on world conflict (“Walk With Giants”) there is this irrepressible feeling that everything is going to be alright. The songs positively glow with joy, optimism and an earthy purity.

Men From Earth’s main songwriter/visionary is Scott Bird, an acclaimed singer, songwriter, solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, session musician and private music instructor. His impressive resume includes being a founding member of one of Australia’s finest acoustic roots bands, Pale Riders, and releasing a well-received solo album. The genesis of Men From Earth comes from a series of synchronistic events. Scott was asked to perform for a fan’s 50th birthday, he had written what he felt was a body of songs that represented his life’s work and three soul-mate musicians had reentered/entered his periphery, each with complimentary talents. Since Pale Riders had long ago dis-banded he did the show with these new musicians debuting new tunes, a new sound and a new band.

Scott describes the mechanics of the band by saying: “It functions like a village. There are apprentices, journeymen and craft masters. Each role blends together to create a beautiful exchange of energy.” Also adding to the self-contained feeling of the band is the Riversong Music team, the band’s label and production house.

Though Scott is the primary driving force of Men From Earth, the spiritual leader for the band is The Valley. “I grew up in a physical environment that left an indelible mark on my soul. I come from the wild places and through my music, I endeavor to recreate this physical space and transport the listener into these surroundings.” In order to forge individual and group bonds with the land, the members, often referred to as “mud brothers," came together and undertook a mud ceremony. “There is nothing quite like being immersed in the earth that inspired the music." That ceremony officially birthed the band.

For the guys however, their music is simply music from the earth, mountains and rivers inspired by The Valley; a 185-acre stretch of wilderness on the Wilmot River, half way between the coast and Cradle Mountain in the jewel of the South - Tasmania, Australia. Songwriter/visionary Scott Bird, and his wife/artistic soul-mate Trudi, purchased the land in 2002 from the original custodial family who had been its caretakers since the 1800’s. Scott grew up in the foothills of Tasmania’s Dial Range where some of Australia’s oldest farm land meets the wild water of the Bass Strait, and throughout his musical career he has tried to evoke its lush mystique in song.

Men From Earth are Tom Beasley, 21, mandolin, banjo and vocals; Luke Wright, 30, Mandocello, acoustic guitar and vocals; Scott Bird, 48, songwriter, musical director, lead vocal, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar and harmonica; and Robert Patey-Downes, 62, vocals, djembe, percussion and drums. Despite their generation span, Men From Earth is a brotherhood bonded by an old soul spirituality that imbues the band with wisdom and authenticity beyond each member’s individual ages. Tom and Luke are musical prodigies that at various stages in their development have studied under Scott. Robert serendipitously met Scott at a party where the two felt an instant kinship. That bond was further deepened when they discovered how effortlessly their voices blended in song.
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