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East London


Jen- Guitar & Vocals
Katherine- Bass & BVs
Matt- Drums & BVs

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Unimpressed by the influx of woolly jumper wearing hipster bands who use advanced technology to fine-tune their live vocals, these born and bred East Enders are ready to rid their town of “posers” with a potent substance they call BLEECH. “It’s exasperating to see so many bands choose fashion over function these days,” says Jen.
The trio comprising of sisters Jennifer and Katherine O’Neill with Matt Bick on drums has been winning over the silent majority since the release of their 2012 debut album “Nude”. A notable feat considering they barely met the age limit requirements of the venues on tour.

A powerful and combative live act, BLEECH has certainly seen their audiences grow since an early gig in Burton-on-Trent where, as Katherine smiles, “We played to one man, his dog and a transvestite. I think there were two hookers hanging around too.” In Dunfermline, they survived a mass stage invasion and merchandise theft from a Jägermeister-soaked promoter. BLEECH has grown into a consistently superb force on stage.

Incendiary, raw, engaging, full of power, passion, and sounding even better live than on record. The trio weren’t simply great, they were fucking inspirational! Their set included a high quota of new material from their forthcoming album ‘Humble Sky’ that sounded so strong that it must surely take the band to the next level. As the set ended, we had suddenly rediscovered the urge to drink as we mumbled ‘what… a…fucking… band!’ Time for the music industry to wake up.

(The VPM)

Two years since the release of Nude BLEECH are ready to light up the world with their second full length album, modestly titled Humble Sky. The LP is a quantum leap forward, bolstered by the experience of recording in an atmosphere far moresuited to their increasingly expansive, bold song writing. The tracks were recorded at residential studios Courtyard in the Oxfordshire countryside with producer Ian Davenport (Band Of Skulls, Supergrass, The Duke Spirit). Having endured a daily commute across London to record Nude, getting away from it all proved an inspiration, sleeping above the studio and recording vocals in the kitchen.

Humble Sky is an evolved and eclectic triumph from BLEECH. Past comparisons with other female-fronted grunge and punk bands will no doubt cease upon hearing the hauntingly sparse ballad “Grow,” the unsettling live favourite “Love Is Free,” the bleak and beautiful “Isolate,” or the dreamy atmospherics of “Easy Ride.” But what Humble Sky shares with its predecessor is an innate gift for ferociously infectious melody. “Melody is the foremost aspect of our songs,” Jen enthuses. “The music I listen to is always melodic – Queens Of The Stone Age and Metallica have so much melody. The songs that come out of us aren’t manipulated in any way to sound more like anyone or anything, it’s just us, but it means a lot that people don’t just call this a grunge album.”

The scorching spirit familiar throughout BLEECH’s career is still present, evident in splenetic first single “Not Like You” released last July. “It’s about saying where you want to go in life, and wanting to escape from it all to a cottage in the countryside somewhere,” explains Jen. “Writing it was a very positive breakthrough.” Equally uplifting, the soaring message of self-belief in “Light Up The World” is the clearest statement of the band’s determination. “It invigorates a show instantly,” says Matt. “When the chorus comes in, people get animalistic.” In a more sombre vein, Jen reveals that “Isolate” – the last song written for the album – “Is about someone sitting in a pub on their own and realising there’s somebody out there for them, needing to get off their arse and finding them… There’s a lot on this album about why people are attracted to each other and wanting things you can’t have, the temptation to cheat on each other. That’s in everybody, but does it come out in everybody?” She swigs her pint and smiles. “People interest me.”
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Bleech "Adrenalin Junkie"
Album: Nude
Genres: Alternative, Punk
Bleech "Break My Nose"
Album: Nude
Genres: Alternative, Punk
Bleech "Dancing Without You"
Album: Nude
Genres: Alternative, Punk
Bleech "Flowerhands"
Album: Nude
Genres: Alternative, Punk

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