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Welcome to Synclinks, the dedicated Sync service from Bucks Music Group. The aim of the site is to showcase our roster of artists and writers, provide a source of inspiration for your projects, and guide you through the licensing process.

Search our through all our music using any number of search parameters including tempo, key and mood and when you’ve found the perfect track you can audition it immediately in Synchstage.  


Contact our team at any time for a music search and let us help you find the perfect track for your project and budget. 



Jonathan Tester - jtester@bucksmusicgroup.co.uk 

Adam Soffe- asoffe@bucksmusicgroup.co.uk

Angus Fulton - afulton@bucksmusicgroup.co.uk



Bucks Music is an international and independent music publisher, with a rich musical heritage and has been responsible for developing and launching the careers of legends of the music industry. The company was founded by David Platz who was responsible for signing The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, The Move, Procol Harum and Black Sabbath to their first publishing deals. We have an active A&R department which constantly sources new talent and as well as joint ventures with leading independent labels and catalogues from a network of leading international subpublishers. For more details please go to the Bucks Music Group website 


We represent a wide variety of established and upcoming composers. Please contact us for more details. 



We own or administer the rights to the music, therefore you are licensing directly, and not through a third party. We sub-publish large international catalogues which means we have access to, and can source, music from all over the world.

As an independent publisher we have direct contact with our writers which means we can turnaround fast approvals and we have many copyrights that we can offer master and publishing clearance on (please see our onestop service)



If you would like to submit music to our sync team then please do so via our A&R page on the Bucks Music Website website. That will make sure that it gets funnelled through to the correct A&R. They will take a listen and get back to you if they think we could work together. http://www.bucksmusicgroup.com/about/ar/